Kundali matching: Understand marriage issue and get solution

In this blog, you will get more about Kundali matching in marriage dosha like kuja dosha and mangal dosha, you must get astrological solution.

Kundali matching, also known as kundali milan, is a traditional practice deeply ingrained in Indian culture, Online Kundali Matching for marriage is an easy and most appropriate accurate way to match Kundalis of the bride and groom anytime and anywhere.

What are dosha in marriage?

When a boy or a girl reaches the appropriate age (22 -30), they should be married to a suitable partner and name se kundli milan is everyone’s thought and wish. If there is no dosha in the horoscope, marriage happens at the appropriate age and, if the person is not married even after 30 years of age, kundli milan by name and date of birth is considered a late marriage.

Manglik dosha is Mars in the 1st house seriously affects the spouse in a given marriage of both the partners shall enter into conflicts often leading to kundli matching by name and violence in most families, Mars in the 2nd house brings a lot of troubles to the person’s family life.

The Nadi dosha is mainly known to create problems in the married life of a person and at the time of matching kundli, if the bride and groom have the same janam kundali, they are said to be afflicted with Nadi dosha and are usually not permitted to marry each other.

Why Kundli matching is important in case of marriage?

Kundli milan for marriage as per Hindu Vedic astrology is done by the Ashtakoota method of Kundli guna milan and in a Hindu marriage, a good kundli astrology gun score is very essential for a long-term, happy and successful married life.

A Janam Kundli online is an astrological chart that shows the exact position of planets and heavenly bodies at the time when you are born and that’s why your time of birth plays a crucial role in determining your janam kundali by date of birth and time.

Which planet is responsible for delay in marriage?

Saturn, is the most karmic planet can be responsible for delay in marriage, though you know Saturn placed in the 7th house, (the house marriage) of the horoscope can delay the marriage. A good marriage astrologer can help you know how to change kundali by date of birth the energy of Saturn to overcome delay in marriage.

Rahu and Ketu don’t let the person stay in peaceful married relations, Ketu is a separating planet, and Rahu creates overindulgence in worldly pleasures, kundali matching by name and date of birth may establish immoral relationships and may not be loyal to the partner.

Solution for marriage dosha

Horoscope Matching or kundli match is an ancient method of Vedic Astrology for the compatibility analysis between couples, Recite the Mangal Mantra and the Hanuman Chalisa before Goddess Durga, Keep an energetic Mangal Yantra in your home. Perform Kumbh Vivah on a peepal or banana tree before getting married and to counteract kundli prediction the Mangal Dosha’s effects, marry another Manglik.

  • To counteract the Mangal Dosha’s effects, marry another Manglik and Perform Kumbh Vivah on a peepal or banana tree before going through with the actual marriage.
  • Maintain a strict fast every Tuesday kundali milan by name and Keep an energetic Mangal Yantra in your home.
  • Every Tuesday, go to the Hanuman Temple and On Tuesday, recite the Mangal Mantra and the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Birds should be fed sweets and grains and Every Tuesday, donate red clothes and jaggery.
  • Wear a copper or gold red coral ring and After-Marriage Mangal Dosha Treatment

Mars’s bad location in your kundli by date of birth has a significant impact on your marital life, Mangal Dosha can generate troubles and roadblocks in marriage, leading to divorce or separation, the simplest and most straightforward method of the best kundli matching is to marry after the age of 28 when the unfavourable impacts of Mars are at their lowest.